Paleo Almond Freezer Fudge

2 & 1/4 cups RAW almond butter

1/2 cup softened organic coconut oil

4 tbsp RAW local honey


Mix all ingredients together in a bowl until smooth.

Transfer mixture to a baking dish, lined with parchment paper, smooth out. (I used a round glass pie pan.)

FREEZE until solid… About an hour.

Remove the fudge by lifting the paper out of the pan and cut into squares!

Put the fudge squares into a sealed container and store in the freezer until ready to eat!


The coconut oil helps it stick together so don’t reduce the amount. PLUS serve frozen or chilled, as the fudge melts if left at room temperature long!


This makes approx 50 bite size squares.

Add ins, not necessarily Paleo:

Enjoy life mini chocolate chips ( dairy, nut, and soy free!), chopped nuts for crunch, or coconut flakes!


Several health food stores have almond grinders to make your own almond butter. I normally buy from health hut.


Who said healthy can’t be yummy?


Tammie Williams

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