Crockpot Dry Rub Pulled Pork BBQ….Whole 30-Keto-Paleo

Crockpot Dry Rub Pulled Pork

Approx 5-7 lb pork should/butt/whatever you want


1 onion, diced

2-3 Tb chili powder

1 tsp coriander

2 tsp cumin

1 tsp onion powder

1 Tb parsley

2 tsp sea salt

(I make extra to sprinkle on once I have pulled and chopped the meat! The dry rub also stores well in an air tight baggie or old seasoning bottle!)

Mix all dry rub ingredients together. Rub the entire roast with the dry rub.  Put half of the diced onions in the crockpot and place roast on top.  Put the rest of the onions on top.


Cooking options:

Cook on HIGH for 5 hours THEN TURN down to LOW another 3-4 hours.

Cook on LOW for 10-11 hours or until roast is literally falling apart.

Shred.  DONE! ENJOY!

** Also: This BBQ freezes well! I portion out into single containers and pour a little leftover juices on top to help maintain moisture.  Great for prepacked quick lunches!

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